• Dissolution of Marriage – Divorce Contact and parenting disputes
  • Relationship property proceedings including claims for spousal maintenance and adjustments for economic disparity
  • Relationship property agreements (pre-relationship and post-relationship breakdown).
  • Conveyancing, buying and selling property and businesses and also including subdivisions.
  • Civil and Family Court proceedings and mediations including less serious traffic or criminal matters (where criminal matters are more serious we refer clients to the appropriate barrister or QC specialising in that part of the criminal law).

For more than 20 years now we have had Asian members of staff able to translate for our Asian clients. Jenny Shi was born in China and has been with us for several years now. Her native language is Mandarin. She is married with two children and her husband is an IT person in a New Zealand manufacturing company.

  • Employment disputes including attending at Employment Relations Authority
  • Leaky homes claims
  • Disputes regarding advice by investment providers, real estate agents and other professionals including solicitors
  • Issuing of statutory demands through to and including winding up of companies
  • Bankruptcy notices through to bankruptcy of individuals
  • Wills including preparation of wills.
  • Estates administration of deceased estates including defending and bringing claims against estates.