Family Proceedings

Divorce • Parenting Issues • Relationship Property (Prenups)

At Connell & Connell, we believe in a client-centric approach. We listen, understand, and propose solutions that are tailored to your unique situation. Our commitment is to protect your interests and to assist you in making the best decisions during what can be some of the most challenging times in your life.

In the complex and often emotionally charged world of family law, our firm is here to provide skilled and compassionate support to individuals and families across New Zealand. We understand that family proceedings can be a difficult path to navigate alone, which is why we offer comprehensive legal services to ease the burden during these trying times.

Dissolution of Marriage – Divorce

One of the significant areas we specialize in is the dissolution of marriage, commonly known as divorce. We recognize that this process can be both stressful and overwhelming, thus, we offer the knowledge, experience, and sensitivity to guide you through every step of the way. Our dedicated team of lawyers will help you understand your rights, manage the necessary paperwork, and represent you effectively in court, if required. We are committed to finding solutions that are not only legally sound, but also prioritise the wellbeing of all parties involved.

Contact and Parenting Disputes

We also provide extensive support in cases of contact and parenting disputes. As staunch advocates for children’s rights and well-being, we approach these cases with the utmost diligence and care. We aim to create an environment that preserves the child’s best interests while ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of parental responsibilities. Whether it’s negotiating visitation schedules, discussing custody, or addressing any other parental disputes, our legal team ensures a delicate, yet resolute approach.

Relationship Property Proceedings

Relationship property proceedings are a complex aspect of family law, encompassing issues such as division of assets, claims for spousal maintenance, and adjustments for economic disparity. We strive to ensure a fair and just resolution of these matters, acknowledging the unique circumstances of each case. Our lawyers are well-versed in New Zealand’s relationship property laws and have extensive experience in handling even the most intricate financial disputes arising from relationship breakdowns.

Relationship Property Agreements

We also extend our expertise in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating relationship property agreements. These agreements, whether formed before a relationship begins (pre-relationship) or after a relationship breakdown (post-relationship), serve as invaluable tools in safeguarding individual rights and financial interests. Our firm will guide you in understanding the implications of these agreements, ensuring they are comprehensive, legally sound, and mutually beneficial.

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