Richard and Jane practice in the following Courts with particular fields being:

  • District Court
    Civil, Family and Estates
  • High Court
    Civil, Family, Solvency and Estates
  • Court of Appeal
    Civil and Family

Over the 30 years of our experience we have had a number of cases reported in the New Zealand Law Reports and other New Zealand law reporting publications (such as the New Zealand Family Law Reports). The most recent was a dispute with a liquidator as to priority of payments on a liquidation of a company.Our view of the law prevailed before the High Court.We have also taken proceedings to the Court of Appeal regarding a claim against an insolvent company and a trust. We have had a successful claim for a substantial economic disparity payment in a relationship property matter. We have conducted many relationship property proceedings including difficult matter including tracing of assets held overseas.

In relationship property proceedings the Court of Appeal found in our client’s favour regarding a disputed liability and the legislation was amended to eliminate the ambiguity in the legislation that the case highlighted. We have had a number of reported decisions in the area of claims against deceased estates. We have had many defended civil hearings and summary judgment proceedings. We can help you recover money owed to you. We also understand that clients sometimes wish to have the opportunity to consider meetings and mediations in order to resolve disputes economically.

Our litigation experience helps us to advise you on ways to prevent disputes and litigation and ways to resolve disputes without litigation.